About Us!

Established during the 2020 pandemic as an idea, Crème JA Wear was highly thought over figuring out the best route to take in order to be a successful brand. The idea came about after everyone was confined to our indoor space. Different ideas kept on springing up, and that's when i took to my photoshop software to start putting different ideas and thoughts together. A logo was birthed, and then different designs in what we have now, Crème JA Wear. Crème JA Wear is a clothing line created to enhance the fashion world. It is a different type of branding that will stay ahead of the fashion trend as well as bring comfort and style to your everyday fashion gear.
    Our goal is to achieve great customer service along with producing quality products that fits your everyday life. Crème JA wear purpose is to provide a unique experience through the clothes you dear to wear. The Jamaican-inspired vibe of our clothing line could include bright colors, bold patterns, and a relaxed and laid-back style, but will not only use these style or pattern. The use of Jamaican motifs such as palm trees, slangs, herbs, culture, sunsets, or our reggae music icon could also be incorporated into the design of of some clothing.
 Overall, our clothing line is likely to convey a sense of luxury, quality, and a tropical, carefree vibe that is associated with Jamaica.